Whole EnchiladaIt all started back in 1979. Rey Retez and his wife Janice purchased the Moss Landing Inn, which was adjacent to an old gas station in "the middle of nowhere."
Janice and Rey

Rey was the only bartender and Janice was a stay-at-home mom. As the Moss Landing Inn business grew, the gas station next door went up for sale. Janice jumped at the opportunity to buy it to create a restaurant. She was influenced by her love of Mexico and Rey agreed. After remodeling, they opened The Whole Enchilada Restaurant in 1981.

It quickly received attention because there was nothing similar to it in the area. Soon it became a travelers destination stop along the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1.

In 1994, Luis Solano took over as Executive Chef and General Manager, transforming the menu to reflect influences from many regions in Mexico, as well as influences from abroad. Since then it has grown into what it is today, and has become the legacy that Rey has successfully reinvented time and time again.

With the inclusion of The Lighthouse Harbor Grille in 1994 and The Whole Enchilada Market in 2006, our family has tried to create a convenient stopping point for travelers and locals alike by offering great food, great atmosphere and convenient shopping.